I contribute to the demolition of the junta of Samaras: I support financially Golden Dawn!


The illegal and unconstitutional political persecution against the People's Association-Golden Dawn by the Junta of Samaras, which was launched late last September, had a twofold objective: 


First to silence through the custody the Greek People's Voice, the Voice of the Greek Nationalists and the then by using unconstitutional approaches to economically strangle the Popular Nationalist Movement. 


The unconstitutional decision of an illegal - after the imprisonment of the Mps of the Golden Dawn- Parliament, by which is suspended the state funding of a legitimate political movement, aimed precisely at preventing the legal political struggle of the People's Association-Golden Dawn. 


With such miseries, the Junta of Samaras seeks to distort the clear and explicit mandate of 540.000 Greeks to the People's Nationalist Movement. Therefore, the manipulation of the Junta against the Movement, is scheming directly against the freedom of political will of the Greek people! 


The Power of the Greek people is the Golden Dawn and the Power of the Golden Dawn is the Greek people! 


Through the darkest Tyranny that covers the people and our homeland, we keep alive the torch of the National Resistance: I contribute to demolish the Junta of Samaras - I financially support the Golden Dawn



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