Giorgos Fountoulis & Manolis Kapelonis

11/01/2014 16:17

In 2012, Golden Dawn shocked the system in National elections, entering Greek parliament for the first time in history. As their popularity continued to soar in the polls, the system began to rally against the nationalists, in an attempt to halt their rise to power.
The criminal Samaras regime, along with their paid media stooges, launched a massive smear campaign against Golden Dawn, accusing them of being a ‘criminal organisation’, leading to their leaderships unconstitutional arrest without trial. To date, there has never been a single shred of evidence to prove Golden Dawn was a ‘criminal organisation’, yet the trumped-up, false charges against the leadership were also used to disarm active party members, who were now stripped of any means to protect themselves. Legally owned and registered firearms for protection were confiscated by the authorities, along with other security gear.
During the height of tension, Golden Dawn requested the police to monitor vulnerable areas in the interests of public safety. For unknown reasons, the police did not attend their regular routine patrol on the 1st of November 2013. That very night, a cowardly Anarchist terrorist, wearing a helmet, got off a motorcycle outside a Golden Dawn office in Northern Athens, and fired at 3 Golden Dawn members within point blank range. The direct shots killed 2 of the men, Giorgos Fountoulis (27) & Manolis Kapelonis (22), while severely injuring Alexandros Gerondas, who was immediately rushed to the emergency room.
Fountoulis and Kapelonis were devout Hellenic nationalists, who put their lives on the line in order to protect the party they believed in. The criminal state which created the climate of terror for the anarchist thugs to operate in, are equally responsible for the murder, and not a single arrest has been made by the incompetent authorities.
The hit on Golden Dawn by the Samaras regime and their para-state anarchist thugs was an open attempt to terrorise the Nationalists. The unfortunate reality for the system was that the opposite proved to be true, with the Greeks rallying behind Golden Dawn who claimed nearly 10% of the vote in the following EU elections, electing Fountouli’s father as an official member of EU parliament.
On the 1st of November every year, Golden Dawn commemorates the fall of our 2 brothers, who continue to lead us beyond the grave. Their memory lives on, and their sacrifice will never be in vain.