A forceful response by the MPs of Golden Dawn to the SYRIZA’s anti-national challenges!

13/06/2015 18:41

Only as an audacious insult against the vast majority of the Greek People can be characterized the behavior of the MP of SYRIZA, Vasiliki Katrivanou, and the chairman of the committee on nationality and also MP of SYRIZA, Michael Kritsotakis. This committee is a parody in which the illegal immigrants have the main role and not the Greek citizens who are suffering the consequences of the massive illegal immigration.

The role of representation the Greeks has been undertaken exclusively by the Golden Dawn. These unique representatives of the vast majority of the Greek People and its will, Katrivanou attempted to discredit, using no documented evidence but the well paid by the Regime of corrupt slanders of mass media deception.

In particular, Vasiliki Katrivanou said that all parties agree on the attribution of nationality to foreigners, saying that “she is not going to deal with” the only who disagree, namely the Golden Dawn, repeating the characterization “neo-Nazi construct”. After receiving the proper response from the Fellow Fighters, who highlighted the first level of her falsehood, she continued her anti-national delirium, saying that “it is written in its Statute”, apparently referring to the alleged “Statute” to which refers the accuser of Golden Dawn Psarras, which he had denied to submit to the investigating authorities during his testimony.

Finally, the Fellow Fighters submitted to the committee a copy of the real Statute of Golden Dawn, but although Katrivanou’s mudslinging was proved, she refused to recall, demonstrating her deepest Marxist and anti-Hellenic complex. The most scandalous in the whole affair was the attitude of the chairman, Michael Kritsotakis, who allowed the nastiness of Katrivanou against the third political force of the place, attempting in every way to prevent the truth to be heard.

Indicative of the partiality, the empathy and the ridiculousness of SYRIZA members is that what occurred in the committee provoked the intervention of other parties MPs who condemned the unacceptable behavior of both Katrivanou and Kritsotakis.

The Popular Association-Golden Dawn assures the Greek People that will fight with all its strength to reveal all the expediencies behind the monumental rage of the unconstitutional arch in order to pass the anti-national draft law on the attribution of the Greek nationality to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants. Neither Katrivanou nor Kritsotakis can silence the Voice of Truth, the Voice of Greek Nationalists, the defenders of our National Identity and the Greek Future.



From: xryshaygh.com