A. Matthaiopoulos: SYRIZA named the sellout of the country to the loan sharks as “honorable compromise”

19/06/2015 14:24


The deputy parliamentary spokesman of the Golden Dawn, Fellow Fighter Matthaiopoulos Artemis, was positioned from the podium of the Parliament on the tax bill repeating the settled position of the party on the support of every relief measure and the rejection of any other that perpetuates the memorandum friendly policy.


On the occasion of the comments by the parliamentary representative of the government, fellow fighter Matthaiopoulos demonstrated the hypocrisy of SYRIZA which in Greece speaks of a definitive break with the lenders, while in Europe the representatives of the international usury “wear the tie” to Alexis Tsipras, recognizing in his face the continuer of the memorandum friendly measures and of course a person completely harmless for their interests.


Finally, in regard to the objections from the Opposition on the legality and compliance of the Regulation of the Parliament, fellow fighter Matthaiopoulos referred the MPs of ND to the documents of their schemer president, who via telephone demanded the trial detention of Golden Dawn, as also made it crystal clear that the legality and the procedures require the operation of the parliament with 300 MPs, something that the present coalition government refuses to guarantee, because the silencing of Golden Dawn is essentially the silencing of truth that disturbs them so much.