Warm welcome for Golden Dawn in the protest of Greek farmers, “No to seizure of Greek land” – Photos

04/03/2017 16:11

A warm welcome of Golden Dawn in the assemblage of the residents of Mani. “No to seizure of Greek land” – Photography

The Leader of People’s Association, Nikolaos Michaloliakos and a group of MPs and comrades from Mani participated today in the great protest assemblage of Mani at Syntagma square.

With the main slogans “NO to the forest maps”, “NO to the seizure of Greek land” more than thousand residents of Mani were assembled today in front of the Unknown Soldier.

The reception of the assembled towards our delegation was cordial.

The dirty plan of the government for the seizure of our land by the subordinates of memoranda has unified Greek citizens throughout the territory.

The fights against the law of forest maps- which constitute a main demand of the international usurers- are intensified at the entire Greece.

Golden Dawn supports with actions every hearth of national resistance against the memorandum and the selling off of our Homeland. 




From: xryhsyagh.com