1821 and the Greeks of 2017- Article by the Leader of Golden Dawn N. G. Michaloliakos

29/03/2017 18:34

1821 and the Greeks of 2017- Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

“These words I shall say
And no more
Get drunk
With the immortal wine of ’21”

Kostis Palamas 


The Revolution of the 25th of March of 1821 that signified the begging of the freedom of the Modern Greek state, will be “honored” once again this year. A freedom that is being stroke fiercely for two hundred years by the foreign powers who dominate in our Homeland. And the following question, a question of substance, is whether we truly honor 1821, having assigned our national sovereignty and by following a policy of retreats at all the national matters. How could the almost dead bureaucracy and the subservient ever honor the Heroes? 


In contradiction, the logic of the –for two centuries- cowards is that “there is nothing we can do, we have no power”.  Really, at 1821 did we have power? Let us see the content of the speech of Theodoros Kolokotronis at Pnyka and his response to the “prudent” that claimed that Greeks should remain silent: “When we decided to make the Revolution, we did not think neither our numbers, neither our arms, not that Turks held the castles and the cities, nor any prudent cried “how are you going to fight with little boats” , but like the rain, we were all flooded with the desire of freedom, and everyone, the priests, the lords, the captains, the intellectuals and the merchants, small and large, we all agreed in this goal and we made the Revolution.”


1821 and the distorters of History


At the schools of the entire country, the propaganda of the left side prevails for decades. So, this year we shall listen to communist songs in the honor of…Theodors Kolokotronis, Athanasios Diakos, Georgios Karaiskakis and Nikitaras. 


The falsification of History is complete by the marxist tyranny, which prevails in our Homeland with the tolerance of liberals for decades. The Revolution of 1821 was indeed a revolution, which was more or less a communist revolution. These are the words of the miserable teachers and the proffers of anti-Hellenism towards the Greek children, and they will say once again a great lie, to which the historian of the left side, Kordatos answers and writes: 


“G. Kordatos. Great History of Greece-Prologue at the publication of 1957, Chapter 61-The Agricultural Issue: “We should not consider the Greek revolution as a political and social movement, nor with the current ideological criteria to interpret specific facts of 1821. Revolted Greece of 1821 was not Russia of 1917. We must not misinterpret History in the name of the left side. “G. Kordatos”.


Unfortunately, they do not only misinterpret History in the name of the left side, but they literally distort History in Greece of 2017, the last soviet of Europe! 


1825-The submission to England


The brave men who thought for nothing, like Kolokotronis uttered, and crossed through fire for the major national issue, aspired the ultimate freedom, with no submissions. Yet, there were people who worked for it and the foreign suzerains remained to our Homeland, for two hundred years. 


At the first years of the revolution, Greek united were victorious towards Turks, until the arrival of the notorious usurious loans of the fight from London, and came the division, brough by the demon, by the money, then followed the civil war and then the invasion of Ibrahim at Peloponnese. 


At the History of the Greek Revolution of Spyridon Trikoupis, at chapter 55, we read: “Ever since the beginning of the fight, England was afraid the armed intervention of the Russian court in the Greco-Turkish war…They were afraid of the tendency of Russia to fight against Turks in favor of the tortured coreligionists. They were afraid of the interruption of the conferences about the Greco-Turkish issue.”


So, in this tragic period of the Revolution, when Ibrahim was in front of the gates of Nafplio, with the initiative of the commission of Zakynthos, after communications with the English High Commissioner Adam, the declaration of the submission of our Nation to Great Britain was composed, according to which: “…Greece with the following public act defines, determines, enacts and aspires the following Legislation: The Greek nation with the following act places voluntarily the sacred consignment of his freedom, national independence and political existence under the sole protection of Great Britain…”.


This document was voted by the members of the parliament at the 24th of July of 1825 except, among other- for Nikitaras and Ypsilantis! Soon enough Demetrius Ypsilantis was place in the margin while Nikitaras died after many years as…beggar (!) in free Greece. The era of the foreign suzerains had started and continues till our times! 




During 1825 Ibrahim dominated everywhere, except for Mani and Nafplio that were still Greek. Back then, the governors decided release Kolokotronis, who commenced a wonderful fight of resistance against Ibrahim’s terrorism, who received letters of apology and declaration of submission from every part of Greece. Yet, Greeks have not said their last word. Is evident the fact that when Ibrahim at 1821 marched from Kalavryta to Tripolitsa, in a village at Kastanes, found on the road a hanged subservient, with a document nailed on his body with the following words:


“This miserable death awaits those who kneeled to Ibrahim and do not repent to charge against him…This one, Giannis from Mpoumpouka was sent as a spy from Ibrahim and was captured and found death by gallows.” T. KOLOKOTRONIS


Being relentless, he kept alive the flame of the Revolution and he had made the following order to the subservient: “Pass me the letters of apology to Ibrahim and I will give you those of the Nation. Any village that will not return to the nation, I shall remove it from the face of earth. From the one side the Turks will leave and from the other I shall enter, burn and kill. Fire and axe to the subservient!”


Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos 

Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn




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