The 8th Congress of the Golden Dawn - Photos/Videos

28/03/2016 19:46

On the 26th of March took place the 8th annual Congress of the Golden Dawn, officially Greece’s 3rd largest political party, and soon to be national opposition. 500 official Golden Dawn delegates gathered in the Athens Novotel, to discuss the future of the movement as well to vote for the establishment of the new Central Committee.

The event was opened by Golden Dawn Secretary Nikos Michaloliakos, who provided a brief assessment of the latest political developments concerning the nationalist movement.
Comrade George Germenis introduced Golden Dawn representatives from the diaspora, which included delegates from Australia, the US and Canada. A special guest was also introduced, who spoke on behalf of the French Nationalist movement and their message of solidarity with Golden Dawn.
MP Yiannis Lagos spoke on the miracle of Golden Dawn, which withstood the largest politically motivated crackdown in over 40 years of Greek history. The Samaras government, who orchestrated the unconstitutional arrests, said we would crumble and struggle to get 2% of the vote, yet we still survived 2 years on with equal to greater political power, while their coalition government collapsed shortly after.
Lastly, Central Committee member Athanasios Konstantinou briefly presented the ideological orientations of our Nationalist Movement in the 21st century, while reiterating the agreed political platform and program of the Golden Dawn, as developed in cooperation with Golden Dawn spokesperson Christos Pappas.
New ideas and proposals for the coming year
The different ideas put forth by Golden Dawn delegates show cased how each and everyone represents a particular demographic of Greek society. Each specialised in their own area of expertise, and nationalists work in unison like the cells & organs of the human body. Unlike the petty individualism and splintering we see in the Anglosphere, the collective Greek mind cooperates in harmony for the future of our people.
Special mention was made to identify the latest concerns to the Greek folk, including Turkish propaganda which is fuelling Pomak separatist sentiment, as well as the continuing illegal invasion which is flooding our country.
Decisions were made to continue and expand Golden Dawn’s work with trade unions, voicing the importance of Nationalist alternatives to the once held leftist monopolies. It was also agreed that Nationalists should continue their support for the Greek rural man, assisting farmers who are being strangled by the political establishment for the benefit of the international loan sharks.
Lastly, the final initiatives to conclude the event included the introduction of nationwide Greek history courses to be held in cities around the country, to combat the education system’s lies and deceit which is the poisoning the minds of our people. The resumption of the ‘Days of Youth’ events will continue, to further support of younger Greek Nationalists who will carry the torch into the next generation of this struggle.