Another example of Jewish Supremacy - Played down by the Zionist controlled media

13/05/2015 13:50

If there is one country in the world that loves to accuse everyone of xenophobia, yet enforces some of the most racist national laws in the world, it is undoubtedly the modern terrorist state of Israel.  Their racial attacks are not only limited to Palestinians, but extend even to their fellow Jews. In this case, it is those Jews who have the ‘misfortune’ of being born black in Israel.
On Sunday the 3rd of May, an estimated 10,000 Ethiopian Jews had descended onto the streets of Tel Aviv, reminding the world of the brutality caused by Israel in their aggression against the Palestinians. The protestors were angered by a video spread on social media, which shows an Ethiopian man in the IDF being beaten by Israeli Police in an unprovoked attack.
Tension raised as the furious Ethiopian minority clashed with the state forces of Israel in the national capital. "The protests have revealed a large, open sore in the heart of Israeli society", said the President of the Israel, Reoyben Riblin, and added "We have erred. We did not look, and we did not listen enough. Among the protesters on the streets are some of our finest sons and daughters: outstanding students, soldiers who served in the army. We owe them answers”.
Law enforcement forces used flash grenades, as well as pressurized water cannons and tear gas to break up the demonstrators, some of whom were throwing stones, bottles and chairs at police while trying to break into the Tel Aviv City Hall. The authorities reported that 55 policemen were injured during the protests. Similar rioting had broken out three days earlier in Jerusalem.
The Ethiopians Jews are estimated to be 135,000. Many of these legally settled in Israel in the 1980s and 1990s, while the rest were born in Israel and reside permanently, but are often treated as second-class citizens.
"There is a problem, there are distinctions, there is racism in Israel", stresses Fentahun Assefa-Dawi, head of the Organization ‘Tembeka’, one of the main voices of the Ethiopian minority. Racism in Israeli society "is much more common and much more toxic than we dare to recognize," says Nahum Barnea, journalist of the newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth. Barnea adds "The hatred for each other, for whatever is seen as different, not only has deep roots here, but also encouraged by politicians, especially on the eve of elections." The comment of this particular Israeli journalist harkened back to the notorious statement by Netanyahu, who on the day of the parliamentary elections of March 17th had stated that Arab Israelis, who account for 20% of the population, were "driven like herds to the polls", by stirring up a storm of complaints under the accusation of racism.
This is the current situation in Israel, which shows that the so called "only democracy in the Middle East" (as described by Neo-cons, democrats and leftist activists), is a land where Jewish racism flourishes, often under the rule of the law. One would expect that the ‘anti-racist’ leftists would be marching in European and American capitals against the apartheid state of Israel, following the inhumane treatment of their Ethiopian citizens. As fortune would have it, in this instance, the left once again shows its true agenda by their complete silence & refusal to take action against the Jews. If the same situation was to occur in a European country, you can always count on the anti-white leftists to march in solidarity against their own ethnic interests. Such is the insanity of the modern Marxists, who remain true to the tribal interests of their Jewish founder.
As the media continues to play down Jewish supremacism (which is enforced in Israel), we can only look at their apartheid policies and wonder how the Jews manage to get away with it. The hypocrisy here must be highlighted, as it is illegal for Jews to marry non-Jews in Israel. In addition to their race-marriage laws, Israel has some of the harshest anti-refugee legislation in the world. The hard-line Netanyahu government closed off the border with Egypt, as well as organising mass deportations of Africans and outlawed remittances. Arab & African citizens are treated nothing more than second class citizens, while Israel practices ethnic cleaning and organises illegal settlements on Palestinian territory. Could you imagine what the Jews would have to say if Greece did the same with its minorities and neighbours? There would be accusations of another holocaust brewing.
In conclusion, we’d like to leave our readers with a video from a Jewish rally against Africans in Israel, to see the true face behind the tribe that has been a leading force in the rise of ‘multicultural’ Europe.