Artemis Matthaiopoulos - Samaras is accountable for the conspiracy against the golden dawn

19/03/2015 21:39

The parliamentary deputy representative of the Golden Dawn Mr Artemis Matheopoulos  during his speech in the parliament on the bill for the humanitarian crisis, initially stressed that he delivers  the slanders and the liars in the taunt of the Greek people.

The new democracy party and the former prime minister Samaras with illegal actions and various manipulations  orchestrated the conspiracy against the Golden Dawn party. The constitution and the national sovereignty have been abolished due to illegal funding suspension the silencing of the Golden Dawn and the vote in favor of Bobolas bills in less than 151 votes.

Samaras complains that his phone is under monitoring and he says that he hears voices, but he never apologized for the fact that he followed to the letter the commands to orchestrate the conspiracy against the third political power and at the end the whole country heard him to instruct the supreme judicial to imprison the members of the Golden Dawn.

Mr Matheopoulos concluded that the Golden Dawn will vote any measure which it relieves the Greeks from the destructive humanitarian crisis!

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