As heroes of Orwell – By Ilias Kasidiaris

08/05/2015 16:01

Pogrom against the public speech and the free thought in Greece of Memorandum of 2015


In the famous and prophetic novel, “1984”, of the far left, anti-Stalinist and leader writer George Orwell, a world of absolute decadence and oppression is presented, where crimes of thought are punishable by death. The writer, in this allegorical way, raises a voice of protest against the criminal Stalinist authority, which in that decade had already destroyed the myth of communism and had enslaved in a hideous way Nations and millions of people. The part of “daddy” Stalin, in the novel, has taken the Big Brother and as it sees everything it crashes any notion of individual freedom. It is no coincidence that in the post-capitalist era of globalization and absolute cultural alienation, Big Brother returned as a decadent product of the international televised subculture. 


In Greece of Memorandum of 2015, where the entire political system has bowed down the international usury, the part of Big Brother has taken the Global Financial System, which another great intellectual, Ezra Pound, militant to the Nationalist Idea, has perfectly prophesized and has outlined in his top poem “With Usura”. “The Creditor of Kings has been changed to king of Faith” as rightly said Richard Wagner. They have subdued, through the compound of interests peoples and homelands. Bankers are the ultimate masters in every country of Europe and make war by all means on their unique opponents, namely the nationalist movements. 


Last week I felt once again like a hero of Orwell, familiar feeling, as Big Brother has long ago infringed on every sense of my individual and political rights and has searched thoroughly all my sensitive personal data (in the fictional documents before the Court on the supposed criminal organization some puppets, pretending the judges, have publicized all erotic messages from my mobile phone and all my personal photos from the summer holidays of the last few years).


But the last cases, were even more disturbing and so on Wednesday I was called to the Ethics Commission to waive my immunity once again, in order to be prosecuted for one of my speeches in Aspropyrgos in 2011, while on Saturday night Bobolas’ MEGA showed shots from another speech of mine, downtown Athens, in the same year, which according to the parrots of interweaving prove my participation in a criminal organization. As many words are unnecessary, I quote the two speeches in question, without comments.


In this way, even the most ignorant reader will understand that in Greece of Memorandum of 2015 the public speech, the beliefs and the free thought are persecuted

 ruthlessly. Note that the gathering in Neoktista of Aspropyrgos was about serious crime cases by gangs of thugs who did not hesitate to open fire with Kalashnikovs against civilians and my speech in Athens took place just one day after the horrible murder of Manolis Kantaris.


May 12, 2011, Downtown Athens “I want to congratulate you for coming out on the streets. Be all united as a punch because it is the only way to win. United as a punch was also Agios Panteleimon, the Attiki Square, Keratea and won. So be you. Be on the street, to fight. Nothing else. On Monday noon at the Municipal Council of Athens we will bring the issue of criminality. The crime that was committed today must not be redone. There must not die another Greek from foreign hands. 15:00 o’clock on Monday noon, be there at the Municipal Council”.


May 15, 2011, Neoktista Aspropyrgos “I am Ilias Kasidiaris from the Golden Dawn. I am not politician, I am not asking for your vote, I have come to tell you just one thing. If you want this area to be clean, if you want to accomplish your purpose, you must be united as a punch and fight. You next gathering must not be in this square. You must close the main roads. What has experience shown us so far? Those areas united rose up from Keratea to Agios Panteleimon knelt down the government and succeeded. But they fought. In Keratea there was “war”. In Agios Panteleimon we were present when the riot police broke the church and threw tear gas inside. But what was the result? In Keratea they got rid of the garbage, here you will get rid of the human garbage that rob, murder, commit crimes. If you saw, Golden Dawn was the day before yesterday in downtown Athens. The news for the channels was as they say that there were attacks against foreigners. Three weeks ago that they were shooting you here, that they opened fire with military weapons from the camp, there was no news for the channels. The news was that a Pakistani was kicked. So, understand that there is no state, nor police, nor justice to cover you. Get out on the streets, claim your rights and you will win. And we will be by your side.”


PS. The most Orwellian moment we experienced so far was the “appearance” of anonymous false witnesses in the legendary trial of Golden Dawn with digitally varied voices, who were hiding in the office of a secrets service completely identified with the totalitarian regime of the Big Brother of “1984”