Cold War, the blacklist and the Russian guests of Golden Dawn

18/06/2015 15:26

On Tuesday, June 16th, took place the 2nd Conference of European party ''Alliance for Peace and Freedom'' in Brussels. In the APF participates, among others, and the Golden Dawn with the Comrade MP Artemis Matthaiopoulos as Vice President.

At the 2nd Congress endorsed the membership in the APF of the ''Czech Labour  Party of Social Justice''(Dělnická strana sociální spravedlnosti) and was planned meeting and press conference with Russian academics and representatives of organizations.

But the... Democrat President of Europarliament, Martin Schultz, with an email that sent half an hour before the meeting, forbade the entrance of the Russians to the European Parliament.

The authoritarian, and Cold War reminding, attitude of Martin Schulz is a continuation of similar acts of him targeting the Nationalist MEPs (mainly from Greece and Germany) and is perfectly in line with the EU's general attitude against Russia and the recent entry ban, in the premises of the European Parliament, for Russian politicians.

For this reason, the APF organized, as a response to the racism and rus-phobia of Mr. Schultz, a spontaneous protest, which attracted the interest and foreign media.

The Golden Dawn and general APF try to give the opportunity of free speech to those who are excluded by the propaganda of the US's puppets and also attempts to present , to the so-called European institutions, the victims of their aggressive policies.