Colonization signed by Tsipras - Kamenos, 6 month residence permission to all illegal immigrants

10/03/2015 21:26

The project of the colonization of Greece by the herds of the illegal immigrants which began with the Samaras-Venizelos government decided to complete the coalition of Tsipras-Kamenos by signing the annihilation of the Greeks.

With a service order it has been decided to released all the illegal immigrants who are in the detention centers but also  those who kept  in state structures with the charges of illegal entry into the country.

Additionally the state command reports that in case of detection of illegal immigrants when they try to enter the country, they will be marked and counted and they will be given a six month residence permition.

In very simple words the vicious state of the syriza marxists together with the kamenos companion proceeds in an unprecedented anti-national action a clear racism against the Greeks.

This decision of course comes as a result of the government officials declarations (Mr Panousis and Mrs Christodoulopoulou) together with the EU commissioner for the immigration Mr Avramopoulos who have prepared for the specific actions of the Greek state the anti-national decisions regarding the illegal immigration.

It is more than clear that the regime either liberal (new democracy-pasok) or marxist (syriza-anel) version is a complete anti-national hostile and extremely racist towards the Greek citizens!

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