Donald Trump on the Greek National anniversary: I love the Greeks

29/03/2017 18:06

A message of devotion from Donald Trump towards our Homeland: I love the Greeks

In the festive event for the 25th of March at the White House, the President of USA, Donald Trump stated clearly his support to Greece. 


The President of USA Donald Trump participated in the event of the Greek Independence at the East Room of the White House at Washington. Immediately, in the beginning of his speech, the American president expressed his appreciation to Greeks and his solidarity to Greece.


The Vice-President of USA, Mike Pence honored with his presence the event for one of the most glorious days of the Greek Nation. Trump made a special reference for the Greek origin and offer to the staff manager of White House, the Greek American Reince Priebus. 


The President of USA stressed the meaning of the National revolution of Greeks, by referring to the offers of Ancient Greeks to the current civilization and clarifying the timeless words: Freedom and Justice!