Dynamic rally of Golden Dawn against the provocations of the Turkish Consulate - Photoreport from Komotini

22/06/2015 14:29

Strong message of the Golden Dawn in Komotini: Greece belongs to the Greeks

At Saturday, June 20, 2015, Greek nationalists, with a massive and dynamic rally, answered to the constant provocations of the Turkish consulate.

Although the event was planned to take place in the local offices, the large coming of people led the Nationalists in the central square of the city.

Under the offices of the People's Association-Golden Dawn, the Comrades, MP of Thessaloniki Graikos Fotios, MP of Serres Matthaiopoulos Artemios, MP of  Athens  Panagiotaros Ilias and MP of Kilkis Hatzisavvas Christos spoke to the gathered crowd. First  spoke the Secretary of the Local offices comrade Tsoumarelis Nikolaos, who after welcoming all the attendees gave the floor to the event coordinator comrade Chrisomallis Nicholas, member of the Political Council.

All speakers emphasized the indifference of the treacherous governments on the issue of the illegal consulate and the violation of the Treaty of Lausanne by the Turks.

The comrade Panagiotaros mentioned the serious national problem of Thrace which has been left to the mercy of the expansionist policy of Turkey. As long as Greece recedes, Turkey will demand even more. Only the Golden Dawn that really deals with major national issues can change the situation in Thrace. After the comrade talked about the serious problem of illegal immigration and pointed out the consequences of providing Greek citizenship to illegal invaders.

The governors try to convince us otherwise, but you are born Greek you do not become one. Greek Nationalists will continue their struggle for a Greece that will belong to the Greeks.

Then all attendees shouting slogans were directed to the Turkish consulate and after having sang the National Anthem returned to their starting point and with stronger patriotic feelings chanted the National Anthem and the Anthem of the Movement.