ELAM: We are the National Resistance

08/04/2017 22:48

Following the will of the turkish cypriot  pseudo leader of the occupied area, the cypriot parliament voted  against the reference to  the historical union referendum of the 15-1-1950, to our schools.
The amendment that humiliates the institutions of Cyprus Republic and the prestige of the parliament was voted by the MPs of the neoliberal DISI  and the communist AKEL.  (30 to 20 votes)

Yesterday morning a lot of members of the National People's Front were gathered outside the Parliament in Lefcosia, shouting slogans and sending the message to the corrupted cypriot political establishment that the nationalists will not tollerate the submission imposed by the political parties of DI.SI and AKEL to the conqueror!

It is clear that the only source of National Resistance in Cyprus, is the nationalist movement of E.LA.M.  We will keep alive the flame of the fighters of EOKA and of the Union to Hellas Referendum!

The President of E.LA.M., Christos Christou mentioned yesterday during his speech in the parliament
" It is needed the decision of a student, a farmer, a taxi driver to change the route of history. Cyprus has always been Hellenic "






From: elamcy.com