Elections are coming - The time of Golden Dawn is coming!

21/08/2015 15:54

After receiving the "green light" from Berlin and having completed the dirty work of the enactment of the Third Memorandum, Alexis Tsipras announced his decision on the government's resignation and the early elections. 


The constitutional process foresees exploratory mandates(=orders of forming new government) of the President of the Republic for the first three parties. This means that according to the country's Constitution, the Leader of the third political force, the Popular Association-Golden Dawn is expected to receive from the President of the Republic the third exploratory mandate.


The Golden Dawn, the Movement of Greek Nationalists, will fight with all its power to defend the rights of all Greeks and prevent the sellout of our Fatherland, from the Memorandum forces of Syriza, New Democracy, PASOK and the River. With the power of the Greek people, the Golden Dawn will triumph!


NO to Memorandums, NO illegal immigrants - Greece belongs to the Greeks!