Eternal Anti-Greek Hatred: SYRIZA MP Spouts Her Poison Against the Greeks

06/06/2015 15:12


In response to the false news story that a Pakistani had won the Joker ( the Greek lottery), SYRIZA MP Maria Kanellopoulou took the opportunity to draw fire against the Greeks through a deeply anti-Greek, racist delirium!

“Hahahahahahahaha…….. What am I hearing???  What am I reading????  What am I learning????  A Pakistani won the Joker????????  There is a God after all!!!!”
The SYRIZA MP concludes with “There is a God after all”, because a Greek didn’t win, but rather some illegal immigrant.
The next step for the SYRIZA MP will be from the floor of Parliament exclaiming “Allah Al Akbar!” with applause from the Unconstitutional Arch.