Five years later: The arson at Marfin bank–A crime that remained unpunished

11/05/2015 15:36

It was five years ago, on May 5, 2010, when the PASOK government brought to the Greek parliament for the first time the memorandums and, at the same time, we had one of the largest protests ever in Greece underway. This massive demonstration surpassed all previous ones as we had the community as a whole participating in it, even helmet-wearing anarchists. A little later in the day, on Stadiou St. in Athens, anarchists, being prompted by the blog (Ανταρσύα), throw molotov bombs at this branch of Marfin bank costing the lives of three of our innocent citizens.


It took three years for three managers of the bank to be convicted for the enormous deficiencies in the branch's security as the building had no other escape route except the central one which was blocked by the assault battalions of the leftists. As was proven in the trial, no order was given to the employees to abandon their positions with a tragic account  of the deaths of Angeliki Papathanasopoulou from suffocation along with the infant that was in her womb, Zoulia Paraskeui and Nonta Tsakali as well as 21 other employees that suffered injuries.


The guilty, CEO of Marfin, Constantine Vassilacopoulos, and head of security of the building, Emmanuel Velonakis, were convicted on charges of serial homicide by negligence as well as for serious physical harm to 22 years imprisonment (10 years on parole), with the director of the branch, Anna Vakalopoulou, being sentenced to a prison sentence of five years and one month.


Regarding the arson itself, the trial of the anarchist, Theodore Sipsas, is still pending along with two other "comrades" of his and a 35-year-old along with three rebels that were in the wrong place at the wrong time for the arson of the bookstore ''Janus" (Ianos). But then the court hearing was postponed till the next date of September 21, 2015. But some people have forgotten all this, though, for the sake of money from the Left that just loves to embrace all kinds of multiculturalism to the fake Right of Antonis Samaras.


Greek nationalists but will never forget these murders committed back then. The souls of the departed seek justice and we the restoration of truth here and now. God rest their souls.