From a chaos to another – Message from N. G. Michaloliakos

06/03/2015 15:38

Article by Secretary General of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos in newspaper “Empros”

Addressing the Greek People in his statement on Saturday noon, the Prime Minister of the coalition government SYRIZA-ANEL, stated inter alia that his government took over a country on the brink of disaster. Not many days ago, the former Prime Minister of the coalition government ND-PASOK Samaras, had said that he took over chaos and handed over a state! Generally, in every change of government in this country the Prime Minister permanently states that he took over chaos and the next one after him also the same.

It seems that chaos is a stable situation in our Homeland which is constantly invoked by whoever undertakes the government of the country. On the merits, a month ago and more specifically on 25 January 2015, elections were held and SYRIZA emerged as the first part with all the known pre-election promises, which from what we see so far, is not willing or cannot realize.

One of the fixed slogans of the highly placed political members of SYRIZA was, that they would seek the “haircut” of the debt. The elections passed, they became government, they negotiated and still negotiate with the Troika, which was renamed to “institutions”, but no mention is made in reducing the debt. It is a crucial question, which determines the future of this same national economy, whether it is a viable debt or not. Until elections, SYRIZA used to say that it is not viable, now they do not say anything…

In fact, the debt is not viable and Greece will never manage to grow economically, to lift its head if this obvious truth is not declared. That it is not possible for the Greek People to deal with such a high debt. Regarding the debt, they had also said that it is burdensome and that an audit of the debt must be conducted. And on this issue for which the members of SYRIZA had used countless hours of air time they also do not say a word. So, the debt and its reducing are left by the wayside and there was also Varoufakis’ email to the “institutions”, according to which the privatizations will continue, possible changes in VAT will be examined, agreement for a potential elimination of ENFIA tax will be made and many more, which have nothing to do with the pre-election promise of SYRIZA to the Greek People.

Samaras and his friends should not be overjoyed for the turn of SYRIZA, since towards this direction that SYRIZA is going, is the policy of ND-PASOK, which literally destroyed the country. Such triumphalism requires at least effrontery, since it’s nothing more than accepting the wrong policy of memorandum that led the country to the current situation.

The Greek People experienced the social-center right memorandum. The time has come to experience and the left memorandum.

Against all these, Golden Dawn is constant in a national policy, which requires an explicit denunciation of the memorandum and of course the debt as burdensome and unviable. It is the only way for Hellas to reborn and this way requires breaking with the loan sharks and not any compromise.


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