George Katrougalos: The Attorney of the prison cannot determine the composition of the Parliament – 2 VIDEOS

26/03/2015 22:04

The Alternate Minister of Administrative Reforms, George Katrougalos was expressed today twice on the major issue that has arisen after the prohibitions of the Attorney of the Prison to the illegally detained MPs of the Golden Dawn to come to the Parliament and perform their parliamentary duties. 

The eminent constitutional expert speaking in a morning broadcast of ANT1 stressed the point that: “The President of the Parliament is in the sights of an unjust criticism on an issue on which I had expressed.

Mrs. Konstantopoulou says something obvious. The separation of powers CANNOT be at the discretion of the attorney to sometimes allow and other times to prohibit to certain MPs…There should be rules in the Parliament. 

It is not acceptable for an Attorney to determine the outcome of a vote.”

The same position was repeated a little later in the informative broadcast of SKAI noting: “The Attorney should not predetermine the composition of the Parliament. Because if the Attorney sometimes allows and other times prohibits some MPs of Golden Dawn to come and participate in the proceedings of the Parliament, then he has the ability to form the result beforehand. This is contrary to the separation of powers.”

It is clear that the illegal decisions of the Attorney of Korydallos Prison catalyze the Constitution and the Popular Sovereignty. No one has the right to impede the proper functioning of the Parliament and to deprive lawfully elected representatives of the Greek people to perform their duties.

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