Giannis Lagos, “Golden Dawn will continue to fight for Greece and for Greeks”

29/03/2015 22:09

The agonist and parliament member of the 2nd region of Piraeus John Lagos spoke on the radio station 'radio gamma' to Mihalis Bairaktaris where he critisized the government work and he commented about the last political developments.

At first he mentioned to the problem of the humanitarian crisis that still exists in our country, a crisis that Syriza used as an election flag in order to persuade the voters but now admits that it is unable to solve. The coalition of Anel-Syriza will continue the same policy as the previous coalition of new democracy-pasok he said.

According to the developments in negotiations John Lagos tested that our country has no national independence because there is not eunough will from the government to break the chains of the usurers and also this government coincides perfectly with the policies of the previous one of Samaras -Venizelos.

He denounced the government for it's tolerance to the fullface violators and the compassion to all the illegal immigrants, at the same moment that the Greek people struggle for survival.

About all the judicial developments  in the case of the Golden Dawn he said that unthinkable things have been done to the leader and members of the party by a clique of perjurers under the political coverage of the new democracy. He also highlighted that the members of the Golden Dawn are not accused for any illegal or outlaw act but only for their political speeches inside the parliament house!

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