Golden Dawn first demanded the German compensations

12/03/2015 21:28


Golden Dawn's MP Ilias Panagiotaros placed in the house plenary for the reconstitute of the committee for the examination of the German assertions for the loans during the occupation period in Greece. Mr Panagiotaros firstly referred to the repeated ban of the korydallos prison prosecutor to give permission to the illegally imprisoned members of the Golden Dawn to come to the parliament house and exercise their parliamentary duties. An illegal decision which catalyzes the constitution and the national sovereignty and causes problems to the proper functioning of the parliament.

Then Mr Panagiotaros highlighted the firm position of the Golden Dawn for the claim of war compensations and validate the occupation loan in to the Greek budget.  For this reason the first action of Golden Dawn was to give a press conference with it's parliamentary representative Mr Christos Pappas.

The pieces of a vicious regime are the same people who are now minions of the international usurers the ones who neglects and didn't do anything for the requirement of the Greek claims.

The occupation loan with a most comprehensive studies estimated at 500 billion euros. 

Golden Dawn will participate in the committee and it will support the Greek claims with the hope that this committee will function faster and more efficiently!

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