Golden Dawn MEP L. Fountoulis: How dare you to speak about a new evaluation? - VIDEO

10/04/2017 20:24

In the plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, during the discussion about the progress of the second evaluation of the Memorandum, Lampros Fountoulis, member of the European Parliament with the popular association “Golden Dawn”, took the floor. During his speech, Mr. Fountoulis attacked those politicians, who debate the evaluation, as if the future of the Greek people was not at stake, and propose more austerity measures and cutbacks to a society that has already suffered heavily. Finally, Mr. Fountoulis blamed Dijsselbloem for his unacceptable remarks, due to which he must have already been removed from his position.


"How dare you speak of another performance evaluation, new reductions in pensions and new austerity measures that weigh the Greek people down even more than before, when at the same time Greece is placed among the most impoverished countries, according to official statistics that come to light on a daily basis?

We hold a place on the list of the most disconsolate citizens, the majority of Greek children suffers from undernourishment, the unemployment rates hand in hand with the suicide rates in Greece are the highest in Europe, while discussions are held with Mr. Dijsselbloem in the Eurogroup about new cutbacks, abolition of labour rights and implementation of a collective redundancies scheme. Mr. Dijsselbloem, a political appointee, refused to come before the members of the European Parliament, who are the ones elected by the European citizens in order to speak up for the interests not only of their countries but also of Europe as a whole. With his provocative statements, he insulted not only countries and peoples, but also the womankind, since Mr. Dijsselbloem obviously thinks that women normally prostitute themselves.

Ultimately, the decision of Great Britain to leave the European Union must have come as no surprise for you. Keep entitling Mr. Dijsselbloem to make decisions on the destiny of our countries and, all too soon, more countries will follow its steps, as well."