Golden Dawn MPs: We are the proud women of Golden Dawn, fighting for the Fatherland and Freedom! - VIDEOS

15/03/2017 18:09

The MPs of Golden Dawn spoke in the Hellenicin Parliament on the occasion of the International Day of Women.


Comrade Zaroulias initially criticized heavily the coalition government of SYRIZA- ANEL and their racism against the Greek women, who are obliged to pay for the Cardiotocography examination, while the Islamist illegal immigrants can have it for free.


It is paradoxical that the Islam-loving coalition pretends to care for women's rights, but at the same time they proudly wear the Islamic headscarf. Afterwards, Ms. Zaroulias analyzed the role of the Greek women in society.


The MP of Chalcidice, Ms. Sotiria Vlachos, also delivered in Parliament a speech about the timeless role of the Greek women in society.