Golden Dawn remembers the Pontian Genocide

21/05/2015 19:47
The 19th of May marks a national day of mourning for the Greek in nation, in memory of the Pontian genocide. Starting as early as 1914, the systemic genocide of the Pontian Greeks at the hands of the murderous Turks begins, the atrocities of which are well documented by foreign diplomats, government officials, as well as the Greek & Armenian church.
In History
As the Turks ready for the war effort, Pontian Greeks men are forced to be conscripted in order to fight for the Ottoman imperialists who still wrongfully occupy their nation.  While the Turks prepare to side against Orthodox Serbia & Russia, Pontians who refuse to join the barbaric Ottoman army are ordered to be put to death.
Influential and important members of Pontian society are soon rounded up by the Turks, as well as other Christians in the region, such as the Armenians, & Assyrians. While the community leaders are removed, ordinary Pontian men are forced into hard labour camps within the most hostile and barren regions of the central Anatolian wastelands. While many starve to death in these camps or during the brutal ‘death march’, large villages of women and children are attacked by the marauding bands of Muslims, who were ordered in an official Ottoman Firman (decree) to empty entire Pontian villages.
Pontian Greeks bravely take up arms by 1916, and form guerrilla bands in order to resist the Turks. Operating from the mountains, they launch their resistance under the leadership of fierce Pontian freedom fighters. Against a numerically superior enemy with better arms, the resistance can only hold out so long, waiting for the possibility of Orthodox Russia or Greece to secure the region. History takes a turn for the worst, and now Russia soon falls to the Judeo-Bolshevik Mafia, which later finances (along with Jewish bankers such as Alexander Parvus) the Turkish militias, which engage in the mass ethnic cleansing of Turkey.
The Greek army in Turkey by this stage is unable to reach the Pontus, and with the Communist and Jewish supplied arms, the Turkish army begins to push back. By 1922, over 350,000 Pontians have been murdered by the Turks, with many forced to leave their ancestral homeland for the shores of Greece. Many settle in Northern Greece, as well as other major cities in the country, never forgetting the horrors faced by their forefathers at the hands of Turkish butchers.
The Present
On the 19th of May, thousands of Golden Dawn members and supporters gather to pay their respect to those brave Pontian men, women & children, who were needlessly killed by the Turks. Their sacrifice will not be forgotten, nor the loss of another Greek homeland, which had been inhabited continuously by our people for thousands of recorded years.
Today, our politicians rush to convince us that Nationalism is unnecessary, and that the Turks are our allies and friends. It was only just over 40 years ago that the Turks invaded Cyprus, and still continue to illegal occupy the Northern region of the country. This is the same Turkey, that today, is steering Muslims in our Thrace towards independence, evading our airspace with their jets on a weekly basis, and threatening Greek-Cypriot interests within their Exclusive Economic Zone.
Turkey has and always will be a threat to our national security, and the hundreds and thousands of Greeks that were slaughtered by Turks only last century, are testament to the true character of the Turko-Mongol hordes.