''Greater Albania'' - Just another US led ploy to serve the globalist angeda

21/05/2015 20:05
A highly revealing television interview took place this week with a high ranking member of the UCK (Albanian ‘Liberation’ Army), who headed the recent Albanian insurgency in Kumanovo and Skopje. According to the UCK speaker, the end goal of the insurgency was political, intended to help create an Albanian State, based on the model of Republika Srpska within Bosnia & Herzegovina.
It is quite remarkable that this terrorist was among those that were arrested in the area, though he seems to of escaped under vague circumstances, and while being ‘wanted’, is also simultaneously providing live interviews to the Albanian media. Equally remarkable, was the nature of his arrest, in which he openly admitted to having & delivering weapons, under the assurance that if caught, he would be eligible for fair representation at the OSCE  (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe). Specifically, he said ‘if we knew we would have been captured by the police at the time, we would gone to war, until the very end’.
The OSCE, is the self-described world’s largest intergovernmental organisation for the ‘preservation of security’ in the world. Founded in 1975, within the city of Helsinki, it was originally titled the ‘Conference for Security and Cooperation in Europe’ until 1995, when the agency took its current name. The Agency's area of responsibility included the control of arms proliferation, human rights, freedom of the press, as well as overseeing elections. In reality, it is an organization designed to serve US/Zionist interests, including the needs of the internationalists, which in this case, means bailing out a known terrorist, committed to driving ethnic strife in the Balkans.
Given the situation in the region, Greece is far from safe, as the UCK’s dream of ‘Greater Albania’ includes significant portions of the modern Hellenic state. Should Greece fall out of line with the international loan sharks, and stop paying their tribute, the Albanian terrorist cells operating in the country will have much reason to go on the offensive once again, as we saw in the Kumanovo. The insurgents will be openly assisted by the Albanian state, as well as the stooges of Washington and their NATO lackeys.
The recent defeat of the Americans in Crimea at the hands of Putin served as a major blow to Washington’s ambitions for Easter Europe. In order to secure the Balkans, and ward of Russian influence in the South-East of Europe, the American will once again employ their Albanian proxies to wage war against their Christian neighbours. While Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine are called ‘fascists’ by the Zionist media for desiring to preserve their own sovereignty, Albanian separatism is justified and promoted in order to serve the interests of the internationalists. The hypocrisy here once again highlights the true agenda of the American-Zionist arc, which seeks to manipulate the situation in the Balkans for their own geo political gain.
From: goldendawnaus.blogspot.com.au