02/04/2015 22:25

What Golden Dawn repeatedly says about this issue of illegal immigration in Greece–which of course the media pimps characterize as excessive and most certainly “racist”–are fully confirmed by the officers of the Greek coast guard who experience every day the de facto invasion of illegal immigrants from our sea borders.

More specifically, the Staff Association of the Coast Guard of Lesvos, Lemnos and Agios (St.) Efstratios, sent a letter to the political and civilian leadership of the Greek Parliament which raises essentially the major issue which the pseuto-huanitarian, domestic status quo in Greece is attempting to conceal “under the carpet” so to speak.

The letter of the port officials leaves no room for the slightest doubt about the real situation in the Aegean which is being deliberately concealed and controlled by the establishment media in Greece: “After another weekend where we port officials serve on the island of Lesbos, and having outdone ourselves in having a clearer image of most of the numbers which show us what is really happening and are unambiguous, we present the following: In the month February 2015, in Lesvos, there were recorded 1,041 people whereas, in February 2014, there were recorded 250 people.  However, in March 2014 there were recorded 650, but from the beginning of this year, 2015, up until March 30, 2015, were already have recorded over 3000 "!

On the one hand, the letter of the Staff Union of the Coast Guard ends in dramatic fashion, but it’s indicative of the state things are in as they are methodically being rolled out:
"At current rates, which in fact will increase, if last year we had about 70 000 people illegally enter into Greece, this year will exceed half a million with whatever that entails!”

Which means that Golden Dawn’s complaints to the previous as well as the current government about the heated issue of illegal immigration are in no way alarmist predictions, but rather a sober assessment of the situation.

However, on the substance of the matter, the political parties of the so-called "constitutional" coalition are forming a devastating prospect not only for the economy of our country, but for Greece itself and the Greek people.

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