Greek People say NO to the Europe of usurers - Article by N.G. Michaloliakos

18/03/2017 19:08

Greek People say NO to the Europe of usurers-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

The results of a political enquiry published by the newspaper KATHIMERIRINI are extremely upsetting for all those obsessed with the European Union, who can be found in the new at capitalism left wing of SYRIZA and also the steadily submissive to the capital, the liberals of ND. 


It is evident the fact that there is a series of propaganda for Euro, a propaganda monotonously repeating that if Greece exits from Eurozone, she will be completely devastated and the people will start begging in the streets. Honestly, before the entry at euro, with…Simitis, there was not Greece? There was no economy? There nothing, in the end, in this country?


But let us emphasize on the article of Kathimerini, regarding this specific political enquiry, which reports: “At the crucial question about the currency, the majority keep supporting euro-but it has been greatly diminished. 59,6% of the population  (contrary to 73,9% at April of 2015) supports the stay at euro, while the percentage of the supporters of drachma has been increased in the same period  from 20,7% to the rate of 33,1%. The disposition towards euro shows an intense class character: 70% of the upper classes support the stay at Eurozone, while the corresponding percentage among the lower classes is in 50,1 %. 


Well we observe that despite the destruction scenarios and the panic Greek People marginally support Euro, while an important parameter is that among the lower classes the majority support the exit from the Eurozone with  a rate that surpasses 50%. 


This means, in simple words, that all those who have seen their incomes get dramatically diminished in the times of euro and memoranda, choose the return to the national currency. A return that off course cannot happen instantly, and this as point where the bolsheviks become extremely populists. 


The position of GOLDEN DAWN is that the return to the national currency constitutes a target and this is a matter of harsh negotiations and hard work. GOLDEN DAWN believes that the country needs a national renaissance where the first stem is the return to the national production, the economic nationalism and the public protection of the Greek products and more importantly of the Greek workers. It is also demanded a bold foreign policy aiming to the search of abutments and allies, in order for our country to regain her national sovereignty and independence. In the frame of this national independence, the return to the national currency is also included, but this demand a NATIONAL PLAN OF EXIT FROM THE CRISIS.


In the same enquiry, the majority of Greeks believe that mostly the Union and less Greece was beneficed by the entry of Greece in the E.U. and this is reported by the newspaper Kathimerini with the following documents: 


“…48,8 % considers that Greece is wronged buy her participation in the Union (contrary to 38% at April of 2015) regarding the economic development and the welfare. Even more surprising is the fact that 43% considers that the participation in the E.U. damages the organization of the state and the public administration of our country, while only 28,8 % believes that Greece is beneficed in this area. In the meantime, solely 29,6% of Greeks believes that Greece was benefited from the E.U. from her participation in her, while 57,3% considers that the Union was more benefited.”


Contrary to the public opinion, which derives from everything that happened to Greek People during the last dramatic years, the “valid” analysts insist that Greece should remain debt colony without national sovereignty. 


In fact, the entry at euro, who borough along with the public corruption the national catastrophe to the economy, was the natural continuation of the entry of our country and the following conditions, with the Maastricht agreement and the agreement for the liberation of the global merchandise. And the natural continuation of the Greece of euro, of a hard currency that benefited solely Germany and her satellites, were the memoranda. 


All these must end, but in order to end there is need for courage, faith, hard work and definitely a NATIONAL PLAN and alliances. 


Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos

Secretary general of People’s Association-Golden Dawn