Here is the True Criminal Gang: Criminal File for the Finances of PASOK

12/03/2015 21:38

When in September 2013 Golden Dawn submitted to the Supreme Court in every official way, a folder with PASOK’s financial scandals, both independent “justice” and the enlisted journalists closed their eyes and whistled casually.  The news, therefore, of the formation a criminal file for the finances of PASOK constitutes a glorious vindication for the Popular Association-Golden Dawn.

This case concerns a black hole of 115€ million in the finances of Klepto-PASOK, of which the wimpy-right of Samaras’ New Democracy did everything it could to cover up.  It is characterized by the fact that the day after Golden Dawn submitted the folder with the scandals involving PASOK’s finances to the Supreme Court, the unconstitutional political conspiracy was unleashed, and the arrests of the Leader and MPs of the Popular Nationalist Movement followed.  From that time until the collapse of the Samaras Junta, no one concerned themselves with the finances crimes of Char. Trikoupi, because on one hand the judicial authorities received the well known suggestions from high level political figures to “launch” the conspiracy against Golden Dawn, and on the other a judicial investigation of Golden Dawn’s complaints against PASOK, would have constituted a bomb to the foundation of the New Democracy-PASOK coalition.

It is worth reminding that after chartered accountants audited the finances of Klepto-PASOK, a black hole 114.5€ million was found, for which there weren’t the necessary documents and receipts to justify it.

It is clear that the real criminal gangs of political life had every reason to deceive the general public bombarding it with false evidence about Golden Dawn, and always with the assistance of the powerful economic interests that control television and radio stations as well as newspapers.

In fact, when Golden Dawn had the exclusive privilege of being the only party to be audited several times by the mechanisms of the Financial Police (SDOE), where not the slightest of things was turned up, then it is clear that accusers of the Greek Nationalist Movement owe explanations, first and foremost to the Greek People and then to Greek justice.  “The thieves in prison”, the Golden Dawn motto, is now a demand of the vast majority of Greeks. Goodnight klepto-PASOK

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