Hundreds of Greeks welcomed the Leader of Golden Dawn with Pontiac lyre in Kilkis - Photos/VIDEO

28/03/2017 18:39

Apotheosis of Golden Dawn at Kilkis:  Hundreds of Greeks welcomed the Leader with Pontiac lyre-Photography, Video

With a rigorous event in a crowded hall the Greek Nationalists of Kilkis affirmed with their massive presence the rapid rise of Golden Dawn and sent a resonant message against the new Turkish occupation.

Among protracted applauses, hundreds of nationalists welcomed the Leader of Golden Dawn, while during his entry they greeted him by playing the Pontiac lyre, creating a special and emotional ambiance.

They greeted the Leader with the Pontiac lyre

The salutations and the speeches of our representatives, Mathaiopoulos Artemis, Christos Pappas, Ilias Kasidiaris, Christos Hatzisavas and the Leader of Golden Dawn Nikolaos Michaloliakos ennobled the moral of the attendant Greek men and women.

The reception of Golden Dawn grows stronger, since a vigorous nationalistic wind sweeps Macedonia and the rest of Greece.

The Leader of Golden Dawn N.G. Michaloliakos specified that towards the expansionism of Turkey, there is the incompatible Golden Dawn, while he also made an extensive report to the communist atrocities that took place in Macedonia and to the clearly treacherous role of the left wing, which has never apologized for its disposition towards the Macedonian issue. 

N. G. Michaloliakos clarified that the ultimate silence prevails in our country regarding the Turkish provocations and called all the Greeks to be on alert and to participate in the political fight of Golden Dawn. In the end, he reminded the timeless message of Theodoros Kolokotronis: “Axe and fire to the subservient” and stressed that the anti-Hellenism shall not pass!

Prompted by the passion and intense interest of the people of the province who aspire to be informed about the real positions of Golden Dawn, freed from the “filters” of the demagogues of Memoranda, the Leader answered to the questions of the attendants who turned this event into an open discussion.

The rigorous event ended with the attendants chanting the national anthem.

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