In the case of a political crisis

04/04/2017 18:37

If a political crisis approaches

If due to the new devastating measures of the government Tsipras-Kammenos a crisis bursts in the majority of the Parliament, thein it is not assured that there will be elections, but a government of special purpose instead.


In this case, there will be the predicted by the Constitution process of exploratory orders.


Until few days ago, the third political party of the Parliament was GOLDEN DAWN, which in reality remains the third political party. 

Following the independence process of a MP and the transfer of Ilhan Ahmed at PASOK, the order for the formation of a government will be grunted to…PASOK.


At PASOK, which is in every way promoted by the “pimps” and the crooks of the public sphere and it expected to be a controlled “joker” of the political governance. 


The assumptions are yours…