Ilias Kasidiaris: We Are Against the Construction of the Mosque in Athens (VIDEO)

18/05/2015 15:28

Attica MP, Ilias Kasidiaris in a Parliamentary speech on May 12th, 2015, spoke on the education bill.

Our comrade denounced the unlawful and unconstitutional position of the Presidium, which sent the guard (!) to prevent an elected representative of the Greek people from speaking in parliament!

Golden Dawn was placed in Parliament by the people and no one can go against their will.
SYRIZA continues the dictatorship of the Memorandum with unlawful political persecution. Golden Dawn will fight a dynamic political struggle against the construction of mosque in Votanikos, the newly forming cell of jihadists and Islamic extremists.
Next, he denounced Lafazanis for avoiding parliamentary scrutiny by Golden Dawn, noting the Movement’s long established position for a geostrategic shift towards Russia.
He then denounced the alternate Minister of Education, Tasos Kourakis, who cares about the human rights of murderers and terrorists, but turns a blind eye to the constitutional obstruction caused by the unlawful persecutions and imprisonments of Golden Dawn MPs.
Finally, Ilias stresses that Golden Dawn is firmly opposed to the leveling of Greek education.