Illegal Immigrants Have Flooded Lesbos Island! (VIDEO)

12/06/2015 15:30

The image of Mytilene is reminiscent of a city under occupation and especially her harbor, in which over 1,000 immigrants have amassed! According to rough calculations, there are over 3,000 immigrants in Lesbos at this time!

1,000 are being housed at a reception centre for immigrants in Moria and an equal number at the Drivers Education Park of the Lesbos Municipality, which has been transformed in to a camp. Apart from those stated, some 1,000 are located at waterfront of Mytilene and just as many in different parts of Lesbos, where they have disembarked the last few hours.

The situation at the port of Mytilene is tragic, since these tormented people, not having anywhere to stay, sleep on the sidewalks, in the squares, streets and public buildings, such as the Customs office, the fenced area of the Port Authority and others.

The security authorities have thrown their hands up, after receiving absolutely no help from state.

Lesbos mayor, Spyros Galinos, tries meeting after meeting to find a solution, which never comes.

The citizens of Lesbos, and rightly so, hold him accountable for the image of the municipality.

Unfortunately, the situation is getting out of hand and things are moving towards dramatic developments.