Illegal Immigration: A ticking time bomb for Greece

19/03/2015 21:43

Article in newspaper “Empros”

Recently we watched on the news leaking from a broadcaster the document with the signature of a senior officer of the Hellenic Police, on the policy of open borders for the illegal immigration, in which was clearly defined that the illegal immigrants should be released when they come to our country – with any consequences. The political leadership through the “ignorant” minister of Public Order argued that this document was not issued under his mandate and does not represent the official policy on illegal immigration.

It is clearly an issue that consists a ticking time bomb for Greece, while it is obvious that rulers have probably not realized the magnitude of the problem, its parameters and the risks we face as a country. The fact that was instructed to draft such an unacceptable document for which – in the words of Panousis – had no idea neither the competent Minister Mr. Voutsis nor the Deputy Minister Mrs. Christodoulopoulou, shows the extent of misunderstanding that characterizes the present government. If today is not given due attention in a matter to an issue purely national, in the future we should await great adventures.

But why is there this uncontrolled illegal immigration wave? Is this about a humanitarian issue or has been put in place the plan for national and historical euthanasia of the Greeks? So this wave is not unrelated to the globalization and the European policy on it. Greece from 1990 onwards, has become country of illegal immigrants invasion. How should this huge problem be treated, when the rotten ideology of globalization combined with the propaganda of internationalism and “human rights” configures specific policies formed by specific policy areas? Let’s not forget the European Directive that imposes the policy of open borders and makes almost impossible the control of illegal immigration. The implementation of this directive for the countries that serve as entry gates, such as Greece, is disastrous. 

The present sorrowful government instead dealing with key issues manages in a little time to promote the issues of the illegal immigrants and thinks that will solve the problem by giving them documents to go to other European countries. But there is the Dublin II Regulation, according to which the other countries have the right to send back to Greece whoever goes to them and they do not want them. Neither their legalization is a solution because in this way it would be even more difficult for them to return to their homeland. It is attempted to replace our people with all kinds of illegal immigrants. Millions of illegal settlers settle in Greece with increasing trend daily, which in combination with the huge demographic problem plaguing the country, will shrink even more the Hellenism.

According to press reports, T. Christodoulopoulou “is expected to put on the negotiating table the request for re-financing from the special funds for the creation of open hospitality structures and support forms of integration, to discuss alternative ways of arrestment and to request enhancing of asylum services and reception facilities, with emphasis on the vulnerable groups of immigrants and refugees”. And who could intervene to implement this plan in a better and faster way? Is no other than the billionaire “investor” George Soros who revealed that he plans the establishment of a solidarity fund, aiming at building houses in Greece for the homeless immigrants and refugees in our country!

He also stressed out that our country is “held captive” by the Dublin II Covenant, according to which the illegal immigrant who entered the European Union via Greece, is obliged to remain in Greece without having the possibility to move to another country of the Community. In this way, is caused an overcrowding of foreigners who cannot be dealt by the Greek State. So, with the money of this fund, houses will be built for these people or the existing ones will be rented in which they can stay. Listening and watching those wonderful plans, it is obvious that the problem of the uncontrolled immigration is a huge national issue for our country. If we also take into account the extreme Islamism and the conspiracy of Turkey against Greek territory, we realize that poses great danger and the policy makers must realize that and act properly for the national interest.

Interest that is well understood and protected only by the Golden Dawn, with steady position for years the immediate expulsion of all illegal immigrants. 

Korina Penesi

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