In the fear of Golden Dawn - Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

18/02/2015 02:15


As you all know the entire parliamentary group of the GOLDEN DAWN from June 2012 has been indicted. Let us remember at this point, the statement of the Minister of Justice from Samaras’ government, Athanasiou, who from the first moment of our arrest had stated that we will have a fair trial. It seems that except from being Minister he was also a prophet. Especially when according to the council of appeals that issued the indictment, we should have been exempted under the law and not to be brought to trial. They said that we will have a fair trial. We hope so, we want this and we seek it, to show the truth and to bring to light all inconsistencies that criminalized political life and led to an unprecedented prosecution of the third largest party in the country. We hope that it will be a trial and not a “tele-trial”, like those we have seen for a whole year in the channels of conspiracy.

We believe in our innocence, not just because we have evidence, but because we believe that it will be finally proven from the public trial. The GOLDEN DAWN despite the unprecedented prosecution continues its fight for new Greece of Freedom and Justice. This fight has been successfully conducted despite the great adversities by thousands of Fighters of the Golden Dawn and so in the recent elections, fighting a whole system we managed to achieve the third place. The pseudo-democrats didn’t respect that, for whom- supposedly- above all is the will of the People. They follow the same policy of the totalitarian exclusion, of our complete condemnation. They do not even respect the presumption of innocence. They have condemned us even before we have been judged.

Amidst all this was the tour of Varoufakis in Europe and his last meeting was with the German Finance Minister. During this interview, Varoufakis didn’t miss a chance to refer to the Golden Dawn- there was no reason in our opinion. In short he said that Germans should facilitate the economic plans of SYRIZA, in the fear of Golden Dawn. To prevent the rise of Golden Dawn! Specifically, SYRIZA’s Minister said: “I believe that the German nation is the one nation that can understand us better than anyone else in Europe. No-one understands better than the people of this land how a severely depressed economy, combined with a ritual national humiliation, can hatch the serpent’s egg within its society. When I return home tonight, I will find myself in a Parliament, in which the third-largest party is not a neo-Nazi party, it is a Nazi party”.

That’s what Varoufakis said to Schäuble, denying us the right of self-determination, since from 1992 we declare Nationalists Greeks and not “neo-Nazi” or “Nazis”. But he didn’t tell us why there is an economic crisis. Why has collapsed the financial system of Greece and the country is at the mercy of the international loan sharks? Of course, this is not Golden Dawn’s fault, because Golden Dawn didn’t govern and furthermore has pure economics in all aspects. Those who led our Homeland into today’s poverty are those of PASOK, ND and our great “partners” within the European Union, among whom Germany is in a prominent place, whose big companies are burdened with scandals in our Homeland.

But the question remains: Varoufakis in the meeting with Schäuble, said” “Help us otherwise we are in danger of Golden Dawn”. Why should they fear the Golden Dawn?  I wonder if what are they afraid of is the fact that they have decided to retreat disorderly from their electoral pledges? That the termination of Memorandum, which they proclaimed, is not going to be implemented and on the contrary that they are going to go to another Memorandum, with a different name? Are they afraid of the Greek People who elected them as the first party provided that they will change its life and that first of all would terminate the Memorandum? Everything indicates that SYRIZA is not going to make its promises come true. From our side, we wish from the bottom of our heart to achieve the economic recovery and to terminate the Memorandum. But we do not see such thing, up to now at least. Instead, they seem to have forgotten the debt cancellation and they talk about bonds without expiry date, i.e. to make the country an eternal hostage to the foreign lenders. ND continues the same disastrous policy. In fact, ND would not be displeased at all if SYRIZA fails, if country bankrupts and the Greeks be dragged into poverty. Their party vindication is above the interests of our Homeland. We do not think in this way and we insist on our pre-election announcements.

Also, SYRIZA’s argument that if the pre-election promises are applied the country will be destroyed cannot stand. At last, the people are not blameless. With the elections they took responsibility of change and conflict with the lenders for the audit of the debt, to finally know who has stolen in this area, who has abused these huge sums and led our Homeland into the current situation. Golden Dawn insists on its positions which over time had as guide: Full and complete complaint of the Memorandum. Abolition of the concession of national sovereignty, which doesn’t make Greece an independent state. We want a national state and this will not change for anything.

Golden Dawn has a steady and consistent position on all national issues. Golden Dawn believes that if SYRIZA’s government seeks a truly patriotic policy, then SYRIZA should denounce to the UN the casus belli of Turkey and stop the challenges that directly threaten our national sovereignty. Golden Dawn also believes that a big problem, that burdens our Homeland nationally, socially and economically, is the problem of “illegal immigrants”. And at this point, of course, SYRIZA is not only incapable to face it, but extremely dangerous. Golden Dawn insists on the struggle for new nationalist Greece, on the struggle for the Golden Dawn of the Greeks.


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