Interview of Golden Dawn Head on SigmaLive: “The Golden Dawn is being prosecuted according to the inhumane law of collective responsibility”

31/03/2015 22:22

Secretary General of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, gave an interview on everything under the sun to SigmaLive in our  fellow-Hellenic state of Cyprus. Current political developments we discussed as was the Cyprus problem, the economic situation of Greece, there was conducted an evaluation of the activities of the new coalition Greek government and, of course, mention was made to the political persecution of Golden Dawn by the inhuman principal of collective responsibility.

Here we give your excerpts from that interview:

- "It’s noted that there is a lack of political life in Greece. There’s disinformation out there. It's what Roosevelt meant when he said that ‘when you cannot convince them, confuse them.’ This is what is happening with the two major political parties in power right now."

- "Of course I won’t deny that there were some issues, such as the issue of the 100 installments and the respectable monetary amount secured for humanitarian aid both of which, to be honest with you, are a win for the negotiating effort of the present government; but in our view, it’s not a substantive victory and not something which will lead the country's economy further. The country's economy will be lead further more so by a substantial change in economic policy which will have a national developmental program with a return to primary production, industry and definitely to a competitive and assertive role in the European Union as well.”

- “It’s a fact that Alexis Tsipras’ government has popular support and it’s understandable.  It is natural for SYRIZA to have this kind of acceptance by the Greek people because the elections just passed and results are still fresh in peoples’ minds.  Beyond that, the way in which he is making his claims works for popular consumption and essentially there is no policy change with him.”

- "Speaking on Cyprus, the difference between Syriza and Golden Dawn is abyssal.  We believe the implementation of UN resolutions as expressed immediately after the Attila, the Turkish invasion in 1974, for the withdrawal of troops of Attila. SYRIZA doesn’t talk like that.  It speaks of a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation, a new Annan plan essentially."

- "We are victims of political prosecution.  No Golden Dawn member has had any involvement in any criminal activity.  This is based on a cruel and inhumane law of collective responsibility.  As the British once gathered entire villages in Cyprus and put them in camps, so these people gathered all Members of Golden Dawn and said that they were are guilty because one of our fans committed a criminal act that was condemned by Golden Dawn from the get go. "

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