Israel & Turkey - Operating hospitals for Terrorists since 2011

25/05/2015 15:17
The recent success of the Syrian Nationalist government forces against the Zionist backed terrorists has overwhelmed the jihadists, hundreds of which are now being treated in US hospitals within the South East of Turkey. The supply of terrorists injured in Syria is so great, that the hospitals may soon be unable to cope with demand from Turkish nationals, in order to treat the foreign mercenaries. 
It is known that Turkey has organised training camps for thousands of Islamo-terrorists who now illegally operate as proxies for the Zionist-Washington axis against the legitimate governments of Syria and Iraq. The National Syrian Army of Assad, in close cooperation with Hezbollah & the Iranian Special Forces, have led a crushing blow to the ISIS criminal para-state operating in Northern Syria.
In addition to Turkish hospitals, it has also been known that the Islamo-terrorists are now being treated for their wounds and injuries in Israeli medical facilities. The Jewish website Walla reports that no less than 465 Islamic Terrorists are now receiving treatment in an Israeli hospital in Nachariga of Galilee. The Israeli Defence Forces are now actively transporting wounded terrorists to Israeli medical facilities, scratching the back of the very same extremists their puppet media is frantically using to frighten us with. The Zionist war drums are banging, warning us through their controlled MSM outlets that another invasion of the Iraq, Syria or Iran will be needed in order to restore ‘democracy’ to the Middle East.
It is evident that Turkey and Israel play a much more deeper role in the support of terrorist organisations in Syria & Iraq, following the failure of Barrack Obama and David Cameron to rally the US and British citizens in an invasion of Assad’s Syria at the orders of the Jewish lobby. Their role, has been well documented since 2011, under the guise of supporting only ‘moderate rebels’. ‘Moderate rebels’, a phrase which makes as much sense as ‘moderate serial killers’ or ‘moderate paedophiles’, has now officially become the new buzz word used by the Democrats to describe their Islamic Terrorist allies.
The US began its aerial bombing campaign on the Islamic State, only once they began threatening the American, Jewish and Canadian owned petroleum companies based in the Northern Kurdistan region. In reality, the bombing campaign was not only to remind ISIS of their battleground boundaries, but also to destroy the infrastructure of Syria & Iraq, who are allies of Iran and deeply despised enemies of the Zionists.
Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia & Qatar (enemies of Iran) continue to arm the mercenary terrorists, with ISIS suspiciously ending up with top grade American equipment that Congress was told would only be reserved for ‘moderate rebels’. It is a mystery how the world’s largest military super power is able to use space stations in order to spot a car number plate or a criminals facial features from thousands of miles away, yet they are unable to locate and wipe out a rag-tag, 3rd world militia operating in a desert. The so called ‘war against terrorism’ has now become an excuse to bomb the legitimate state of Syria, in order to weaken the Nationalist regime of Assad, which has over 70 percent approval from the Syrian people (far greater than Obama could ever hope from Americans).
If the US is truly serious about ending terrorism, then perhaps they should stop needlessly invading and bombing random countries around the world, creating millions of displaced Muslim refugees who become terrorists in Western countries. Such is the insane logic of the Zionist war lords who are pulling the strings in Washington DC.