Limnos and another treason of the “allies” - Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

31/03/2017 18:05

Limnos and another treason of the “allies”-Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

Greece will not become the satellite of Turkey according to the wishes of the… “civilized” political establishment and the foreign suzerains

From 20 to 22 of March took place at Aegean a planned electronic war exercise of NATO. Because of the demands of Turkey the island Limnos was excluded, due to the expected by the Lausanne treaty “demilitarization” of the Greek islands at Aegean. 

NATO retreated towards the demands of Erdogan, who threatens the entire Europe, a fact indicating that whoever follows an offensive policy and claims in the end wins. We have to note that the same exercise had taken place during 2016 but Limnos was not excluded. However, has Turkey the right to make these claims according to the Lausanne treaty? She has not! In this question answers the late professor Neoklis Saris, who had specified at one of his articles many years ago that the demilitarization of the islands included in this treaty expects the even demilitarization of Dardanelles from Turkey. A thing that never happened, quite the opposite! 

“According to international treaties Greece has the right to demand the demilitarization of Dardanelles”

More specifically, few months after the Imia crisis, at December of 1996, the late professor Saris offers an interview at the newspaper APOGEVMATINI, where he responses to the demands of Turkey that questions the right of Greece to have armed forces on the islands. 

I present the relevant excerpt from the interview: “Turkey demands persistently the demilitarization of the islands, invoking the Lausanne treaty, which indeed imposes the demilitarization of the islands. Yet the very same treaty imposes the demilitarization at the Straits of Bosporus and Constantinople… We cannot be expected to demilitarize the islands, while they militarize the Straits. Until this day, no Greek politician has ever referred to this, to make a demand or threaten for the convocation of the conference, regarding the review of the state of the Straits…Under which logic Turkey should be codominant Aegean but Greece cannot be codominant at Propontis, which unites the Black Sea. According to the spirit that prevails in the Lausanne treaty.” 

Once again our “allies” betray us, they sell off our interest for the shake of Turkey. During both World Wars Greece fought by the side of the “allies”, while Turkey fought against them during World War I and remained ingeniously neutral at World War II. 

This fact, meaning the exclusion of Limnos and the complete acceptance of the demands of Turkey from NATO, is another act against Greece, another treason of the “allies”, towards which the state of Athens made only a…demarche of protest that off course is not sufficient, especially when the Turks threaten directly our national sovereignty, demand half of the Aegean and 18 Greek islands! 

It is renowned the report of 1996 on the Greco-Turkish relations of late professor Kondylis about the actions of Greece towards the Turkish threat. It is about a report that unfortunately is confirmed from the above: “While Greece moved all forces towards “Europe” in order to be assured from the Turkish danger and this European direction will de facto turn her into a satellite of Turkey…and there is also the possibility the Greek side, powerless and in search of consolations and rationalizations, to start considering the submission to Turkey as an evident duty of her “Europeanization”, since the “civilized humans” , who have surpass the “nationalistic atavism”, do not start wars for things so outdated-in our sophisticated world- as the sovereign rights.

That’s indeed the story. In the name of a defeatist policy and the famous European dream, which has turned into a nightmare, Greece constantly backs down, while NATO and E.U. try in every way to please Erdogan’s Turkey that makes direct threats. 

They should know, though, that in Greece there are not only the “civilized humans” , who have surpassed Nationalism and that all Greeks in the time of crisis, will be united and will defend all forces the sovereign rights of the Nation at the Greek Archipelagos, Aegean.  


Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos

Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn