Mass Gathering in Show of Support by Family and Friends of Golden Dawn

21/04/2015 15:27
Since this morning hundreds of Golden Dawn supporters, family, and ordinary people gathered spontaneously without any kind of mobilization, outside the trial location.
Indicative of the solidarity expressed by the people towards Golden Dawn is that the solidarity gathering was met with greater approval than the swarm of state aided unionists and parastatal anarchists, whom had already gathered trying to exert pressure on the judicial powers.
It is noteworthy that in contrast to the gathering by the friends of Golden Dawn, which was absent of any mobilization, the anti-Golden-Dawners received a host of advertising including from the mainstream media of interests.
Golden Dawn declares unequivocally that they wish for and expect the proper functioning of a fair trial, which, based on the evidence, will demonstrate the conspiracy that was set up against the Greek Nationalist Movement by New Democracy, at the behest of foreign centers of power.