May 6, 2012 – May 6, 2015: Three years of political struggle of the Golden Dawn in the Parliament

12/05/2015 16:31

On the afternoon of May 6, 2012, the coordinated, unethical and dishonest, rabid attacks of the Regime of the corrupt people against the Popular Nationalist Movement have smashed into the steely will of the Greek People, who selflessly and with decisiveness yelled loudly: GOLDEN DAWN to clean the place out!

The nationalist triumph of the national elections on May 6, 2012, as the result of a titanic Political Struggle under adverse conditions, was sealed with the famous “Veni, Vidi, Vici”, by the Leader of the Golden Dawn, N. G. Michaloliakos, in a climate of rampant enthusiasm by the militant Greek Youth. But the Victory of the Nationalists and the hard investigational Greek People, rang the bell to warn of danger for those responsible for the misery of the Greeks, for those that get rich from the economic bleeding of our compatriots. The line of the Golden Dawn in the performance of its parliamentary duties, was given from the beginning by the Leader at the Press conference, that same afternoon:

“Those who betray this homeland, it’s time to be afraid”!

The Regime reacted immediately, trying to reduce the threat to the powerful economic interests that suck the sweat of the Greeks: the new elections in June 2012 and the interim one month of uninterrupted mudslinging and slandering against the Greek Nationalist Movement, were regarded as urgent need so as the voters to correct their “mistake”. Unfortunately for them, nearly half a million Greeks refused to comply with the unconstitutional requirements of the so-called “anti-fascist” Arc. Golden Dawn was not an option of despair, but the ultimate struggle of the Greek People for National Freedom and Social Justice!

From the floor of the Parliament, the parliamentary group of the Popular Association-Golden Dawn represented in the best possible way 500.000 Greeks, drawing the ire of both the nation-traitorous coalition government of Samaras-Venizelos and of course the other political forces. The systematic journalistic mudslinging against the Golden Dawn can only be considered as honorary parchment of the Political Struggle of the Movement in the service of the Homeland and People.

The Greek People from its perspective, recognizing the true and pure Struggle of the Greek Nationalists embraced warmly the huge nationwide effort: until the summer of 2013, Golden Dawn represented all those Greeks who experienced the analgesia of an antinational government that was anxious to satisfy the international lenders and especially Merkel. According to all the pollsters of that time, Golden Dawn was over 15% in the voting intention of the electorate.

It was a red alarm to the arc of corrupt and their international bosses. The launching of the illegal and unconstitutional political persecution against the whole of the parliamentary group and members and friends of the Movement was the peak of the arbitrariness of the regime against the free will of the Greek People. 

To the political conspiracy which was set up by Samaras and a clique of ministers in collusion with a handful of perjurer judges and to the unconstitutional decision for the suspension of the state funding of a legitimate political party, Golden Dawn answered with an enthusiastic and uninterrupted Political Struggle through which the Popular Nationalist Movement emerged as the third political force of the country. 

Golden Dawn entered the Parliament, representing hundreds of thousands of Greeks. It was not assimilated in the mire of the corrupt, it did not bow and that’s why it is persecuted so fiercely. It is already vindicated in the eyes of our People, and is expected its judicial vindication which will open the way for the condemnation of the schemers.

Three years of Struggle and Sacrifice, solidified the nationalist spirit and increased the steel volume of the Greek Will for Freedom and Justice.

We march unstoppable, to an uneven fight for the defense of the rights of People and Greek Homeland, by the side of those who are impoverished consciously by the governments-puppets of the lenders and the international loan sharks.