Memory of Mikis Mantakas 2015 Present!!

04/03/2015 15:24

Every year the 28th of february the heart of nationalist Europe beats at Risorgimento Square in Rome and this specific day thousands of nationalists from all over Europe gather to the place of Miki's Mantakas sacrifice to pay tribute to the Greek student who was killed by communists bullets in 1975 and to scream to the faces of the murderers "you killed the man not the idea".

This year's memorial day was different. Today there are 40 years from the cowardly murder of Miki's , that afternoon of the february the 28th of 1975. Forty years during which the european fighters didnt forget it and the system failed to erase Miki's memory.

It is almost saturday morning and the Risorgimento square which informally called Piazza Mantakas was filled with slogans and signs informing the people about the march on the same day as well as posters which they were writing "Mikis Vive" and remained untouched by filthy left hands.

The march was organized by European fighters started at 6 pm from the square Cola di Rienzo and ended in the square Risorgimento about one kilometer away in front of the historical offices of MSI in Ottaviano street 9. In front two fellow fighters are holding the portrait of Mikis Mantakas followed by two flags. The Greek flag in honor for the Greek student and the flag with the traditional colors of Europe the red the white and the black. No party flags were allowed.

It is an event of European Nationalism an event of the free spirit, a spirit who feels thinks and reacts... And on the back thousands of Nationalists with the only banner which gives the true meaning of the ceremony, 'il tuo ricordo non permette resa" your memory not allow us to surrender.

The march slow silent with perfect order and solemnity. The torches in the hands of the european nationalists create a metaphysical atmosphere and the citizens who are passing by are captivated in what they see. Italians, Greeks, Belgians. Germans, Spaniards, Hungarians people from all over Europe joined by the common cause the common struggle an idea walking side by side in this memorial march.

As the public march approaches the Miki's Mantakas monument a slogan vibrates the air and it keeps getting louder, "Contro il sistema la gioventu si scaglia, boia chi molla e il grido di battaglia". This is the peak of the protest and thousands of Nationalists take position around the actual place where the Greek nationalist assassinated forty years ago. Absolute silence! The leader of the ceremony shouts. "Camerata Mantakas" and a cry comes out from thousands of mouths, thousands of hearts. Vibrates in the atmosphere travels in the air and on the streets of Rome in the night, Presente!!

A shout that reaches up to the Elysian Fields where heroes as Mikis Mantakas George Fountoulis and Manolis Kapelonis rest. A cry that reminds to everyone that heroes are always present as heroes never die. A cry that is also a promise. Despite all the years that pass and the persecutions we suffer , we the Nationalists of Europe , we will always be in Rome on february the 28th and in Athens the 1st of november to honor our dead heroes. Not to mourn them but to demand justice to fill our hearts with the greatness of their sacrifice and to assure them that the cause for which they lost their lives is being continued by all of us every day even harder more persistent more stubborn until the finl victory!!