Message of support to the Golden Dawn by Italian MEP in view of the commencement of the trial

18/04/2015 16:55

Message of solidarity to the movement of the Golden Dawn, sent the MEP of Lega Nord, Mario Borghezio. His party has repeatedly condemned the political persecution of our movement, and many times in committees and meetings in the Parliament has made interpellations about issues that concern us. Especially the specific MEP has spoken on several occasions within the plenary about the conspiracy against the Golden Dawn.

Here is the text of his message:

~I am Mario Borghezio, Member of the European Parliament with the Lega Nord. Many times I have emphasized within the committees and meetings of the European Parliament, the political nature of the prosecution against executives, even any MPs,  but also against ordinary members of the political movement "Golden Dawn", in Greece, which is translated into human rights violations against all of them.

It is scandalous that a EU country that theoretically protects the human rights of all people, have done something so serious against the freedom of politics, because in fact this has happened with the political and judicial prosecutions, jailing several months members, strains even MPs of the movement, with ridiculous charges.

It is a very serious matter and it is inexplicable why the European institutions did not impose penalties on the Greek Government, this undemocratic regime, which removes the political freedom of its MPs. I will not stop bothering the European institutions for this serious impropriety against freedom.

And as we have been taught by Pericles: "Freedom is the courage" and we should have the courage, which is now Europe does not have, to highlight the human rights violations even when they relate to movements in which the EU does not agree with their ideas. There are those reasons to prosecute members of a movement.

So Long live Freedom and I repeat the words of Pericles "Freedom is the courage!" 

So ... Courage Golden Dawn!~


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