MP Eleni Zaroulia: The ‘Constitutional’ parties didn’t condemn the attack against Golden Dawn - VIDEO

08/04/2017 20:21

Prompted by the current questions that she submitted to the responsible ministers that remained unanswered, comrade Eleni Zaroulia made a speech at the parliament.


 "I want to make it clear that every time a murderous attack against Golden Dawn, with axes and Molotov bombs takes place, we receive lesson of democracy from the so called "constitutional arc", since no political party condemns the assaults against a political party elected by people. From the other side, solely Golden Dawn with an official announcement denounce the violence from wherever it may comes" she emphasized. 


Of course, the President adherent to SYRIZA interrupted really democratically her speech in order for the truths of Golden Dawn to remain once again unheard. 


Regarding the current questions, they are related with National issues, concerning the Global Bank that ''gives'' Aegean to Turkey and the municipal of Kavala, which legalizes the fake state in a tourist exhibition at Konstantinople, for which comrade Eleni Zaroulia will soon return.