Mytilene in a State of Emergency Due to… Illegal Immigrants! The Mayor is Begging to have them Removed from the Island

03/06/2015 16:03
Exclusive photos including selfies and prayers shots of their “transfer” to Athens!
The island of Lesbos receives hundreds of illegal immigrants daily. With inflows management now impossible, the Mayor has appealed to have these persons transferred from the island to Athens.
The situation appears to be dramatic in Mytilene, since the influx of immigrants is massive and the local government is looking for solutions to address the situation.  The municipality of the island decided to transfer the immigrants to the municipality’s Driving Education Park, while they also sent a message to both the citizens of the local community, and to the government.
“As you know, due to the constantly increasing number of arrivals of illegal immigrants and refugees on the island of Lesbos, the situation is now unmanageable and highly critical stated the mayor in that message and continued “this pose risks to the health and safety to both the citizens of the island and the migrants themselves due to lack of organized sanitary facilities and as many of them are staying in public places.” Mr. Galinos noted that there is a need for additional police forces to ensure the safe transfer of immigrants by ferry from Lesvos to Athens.
Exclusive photos: