N. G. Michaloliakos: In the time of SYRIZA, when the illegal immigrants became “irregular migrants”

07/05/2015 15:10

Article by Secretary General of Golden Dawn, N. G. Michaloliakos in the newspaper “Empros”


Each day that passes the concern of Greek people increases from the ever growing wave of illegal immigrants who come to the Greek islands. Of course the problem has a humanitarian dimension and there is no Greek that has the belief that we should kill or drown all those people. But the humanitarian dimension of the issue does not solve the problem and this is a big problem! A problem which cannot be solved by the government and as for the cries of New Democracy, they are at least hypocritical, since when ND was government, it was unwilling and unable to solve the problem.


What is certain is that in all cases it is not our Homeland’s fault this wave of foreigners, who enter illegally the country. All this upheaval, wars, invasions and civil wars are caused by the adventurist policy of the USA that openly supported and funded those who started the uprisings. Close to them, the big countries of Europe, which agreed completely with this foolish and dangerous policy.  The question is: Will Greece pay for the results of all this upheaval? Is it possible for Greece, while being in a sharp economic crisis, to be the great philanthropist to solve the problem? It is obvious that Greece cannot stand any other illegal immigrants. But this seems to have no importance for the national nihilists and professional “anti-racists” who would have no objection to be Greece in the future without Greeks!


The irresponsibility of the government is scandalous and it is proved from the way it handles the problem. They gather all the foreigners, who sometimes are called refugees and some other times are called “irregular migrants” and are transferred to the center of Athens, creating a social jungle. Should be noted that as long as the weather improves and the conflicts in the Middle East escalate, the problem is going to be even bigger. It is also given that the major responsibility for this wave of foreigners towards Greece bears Turkey from where all these come. There is also evidence but even mere sense is enough to see that the case of illegal entry of foreigners into our country is in reality a parastatal operation of Turkey with the obvious purpose to hurt Greece and of course to win some people a lot of money. 


Besides everything else, impressive is the way in which the propaganda of national nihilists is playing with the words. They forbade pretty much the phrase “illegal immigrants” for being as they say “racist”… They also gave the mandate to call all those who enter illegally our country “irregular migrants”! Irregular in respect of what? There were not stamps on their passports? Which regulation didn’t they respect and they are just irregular? And as for the word immigrants, every Greek knows that a country plagued by unemployment, by an unemployment that reaches 30%, certainly does not need…immigrants!


Totally irresponsible and playing with the words, the national nihilists let the problem to be even more dangerous for the national and social cohesion of our country and they do not act as they should. That is, to put pressure on the international organizations, to denounce Turkey and to offer a solution to the problem.  GOLDEN DAWN has highlighted the issue for many years, but instead dealing with it they simply accused us, and still do, as inhumane and racists. But the problem remains and requires a solution. And this solution can be given only by those who are determined to cope with the problem without considering the political cost.


Political Prisoner