N. G. Michaloliakos' interview on Euro Channel of Thessaloniki - VIDEO

03/04/2017 19:24

The General Secretary of the Popular Association - Golden Dawn, after the dynamic event in Thessaloniki, gave a press conference to the local media.


Nicholas G. Michaloliakos initially commented on the current phenomenon of the “refugees” with headscarves participating in the parades, noting that the symbols of Islamic fundamentalism are a hubris to our National Anniversary.


He stressed that the ethnic nihilist rulers leave a wide open “backdoor” in Thrace, giving scope to the agents of Ankara.


Regarding the Greek citizenship, he repeated the stable position of Golden Dawn: “You are born Greek, you don’t become one”!


Concerning the left terrorism, he noted that there is no political will to combat the phenomenon.


For the very long trial of Golden Dawn, he said that the loose and non-existent indictment will be revealed and the truth will shine.


Finally, he stressed that the only solution for the new wave of illegal immigration that is expected in our homeland is the effective surveillance of our borders and the condemnation of Turkey.