N. G. Michaloliakos: “NO to the new Turkish occupation”

04/04/2017 17:04

N. G. Michaloliakos: “NO to the new Turkish occupation”

Excerpts from the speech at Thessalonica at 25th of March 2017


“Today is a double anniversary. From the one side there is the religious celebration, the Annunciation of Mother of God, who since the time of the siege of Constantinople by the Avars, where took place the called “the defender army leader”, until the war of 1940, our soldiers used to watch her fighting side by side to them. From the other side, there is the national celebration, the day that signified the revolt of oy people, against the Turkish tyrant, who had enslaved the people of Greece for four ad in some areas for five centuries. Some other regions remain enslaved, but according to us, they are not forgotten.


During the 20th of March of 2015, when I was released from the prison of Korydallos, I made my first speech here, in Thessalonica. So, thinking this fateful day, when I was released, I went to Thessalonica, following the lift of the home arrest. I thought that this year I am obliged to be in Thessalonica, to our Macedonia.”


The counter-protests and the exclusion will not stop our Fight 


“We give a wonderful fight so they may forget that we are the hostages of the political establishment, we were bon and we shall die free, whether inside, whether outside of the prison. We do not quail by all these developments, meaning the counter-protests, the bans, the exclusion by all the media. 


I arrive to the peristyle of the Parliament and I make a statement of forty seconds and they broadcast solely five to ten seconds. What are they afraid of? And when the issue of Cyprus was in the actuality, where took place the meetings of Anastasiadis at Switzerland, the media claimed that the entire political sphere was consent. They were forgetting to mention four words: “except for Golden Dawn” or “except for Nikolaos Michaloliakos”. Why? Because they are afraid of us, we are the rising nationalistic power, we are the upcoming Greece. 


We shall not stop because of the counter-protests, the bans and the exclusion, we will be on the streets, the squares, the cities and the villages, we will raise the Greek flags, the red and black banners, we will be everywhere, we shall become their nightmare. The fact that everyone is fighting us, signifies that we walk on the right path.”


Against the new Turkish occupation


“...And while we celebrate the revolt of the Nation, the ultimate silence prevails regarding the Turkish provocations. Only few days ago, Erdogan stated to the journalists: “If Europe continues in that way, no European in every part of the earth, will be able to walk safety on the streets.” And the following day? There was a terrorist attack at London. Greeks wake! The Turkish threaten directly our Homeland, resist. The best way of resistance is through the forces, through the political fight of Golden Dawn. 


Tayyip Erdoğan also stated that the agreement of Turkey with the European Union is close to the devastation, a fact that signifies that very soon you will be watching the arrival of thousands of refugees and illegal immigrants to the islands of Eastern Aegean. And which will be the action of the state of antinational SYRIZA? He shall open the borders for more “business” for the NGOs. Because for them, refugees constitute a treasure. Golden Dawn has submitted a legislation in the Greek Parliament, which was ignored by all the other political parties, according to which the entry in Greece is a criminal offence. 


This is the size of the disgrace and the shame that we reached the point of specific statements of a consultant of Erdogan, at the television station TRT, regarding Greece: “All the ports are now under the control of the German capital. All the stock exchanges, all the banks, there is no Greece nowadays. If only the 300 of Leonidas could rise and watch the current situation of Greece. A prime minister with no tie serve completely the European Union and sold off Greece. In other words: nowadays there no Greek citizens, all of them are slaves.”


Let us answer to the Turkish man: He is wrong, there are those who are not slaves, they are the comrades of Golden Dawn who raise the flag high and vow no to the new Turkish occupation. 


Down with the fake political establishment, long live Greece!


“Relatively to these, professor Kondylis writes in his famous book “The theory of War” at the addendum for the Greco-Turkish relations: “Indeed, the greatest militant danger for Turkey and the greatest hope for Greece, is based in the probability of the rising of a power able to compete the American and Turkish influence not only at Caucasus and Central Asia, but also at Balkans. Only a powerful, nationalistic and expansive Russia could constitute an active barrier of the Turkish ambitions at Balkans and East, where the old anti-Turkish axis of Russia and Iran could be materialized.”


These were the writing of Panagiotis Kondylis at 1996. Today, we watch the materialization of the axis of Russia and Iran and we watch Turkey being threatened. This is the great hope of our Nation for survival and this should be the geopolitical orientation of Hellenism, to an alliance with Orthodox Russia. But only Nationalists can make these happen. 


The words of professor Kondylis are bitter, but they shall remind to you all the current development, especially the following excerpt: “While Greece was oriented all forces to Europe in order to be assured from the Turkish danger, exactly this European orientation will be turned into an instrument of her de fact transformation into a satellite of Turkey. The Turkish influence will be exercised in Greece indirectly, through the American markets and there is the possibility of a powerless Greece, searching for consolation, to consider these retreats towards Turkey as a self-evident part pf her Europeanization, since the civilized people have surpassed the nationalism, they do not wage wars for so outdated issues in our refines world, with the human rights.”


This is not Greece, it is the fake political establishment, we fight against this regime, for the rise of true Greece. Comrades, the new Turkish occupation is here, we can see it. We can detect it in the words of those who pretend to be our politicians and spiritual leaders. 


Us, however, the Comrades of Golden Dawn, we are neither “civilized”, nor “humanitarians”, nor…citizens of the world. We are and shall remain GREEK NATIONALISTS!


Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos

Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn







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