N. G. Michaloliakos on Blue Sky: The ethnic nihilists of SYRIZA pave the way for Erdogan - VIDEO

24/03/2017 19:51

The General Secretary of the Popular Association - Golden Dawn appeared as a guest on the show “Interventions” on the Blue Sky channel.


Initially, he characterized Katrougalos’ statement on the Turkish concentrations in Greece as Nationally unacceptable, noting that the ethnic-nihilistic government essentially paves the way for Erdogan.


He stressed that none of the governments of our country had a national policy. Tsipras distributes roses in Smyrna, a city drenched in Greek blood, and they’ve allowed celebrations with great fanfare in Thessaloniki, to commemorate the slayer of the Greeks, Kemal.


The proposal of the Leader of Golden Dawn to lay a wreath and raise the Greek flag on Imia was not accepted since Panos Kammenos is a companion of the ethnic nihilists.


The main position of Golden Dawn is that Turkey has no place in Europe, but in Asia!


The last seven years of the memoranda have not brought any development, only a recession, misery, and cession of national sovereignty.

Finally, Nicholas G. Michaloliakos said that Golden Dawn is the third, and undoubtedly rising, political power, as noted also by the “Independent”, with rates that exceed 10%.






From: xryshaygh.com