N. G. Michaloliakos on Egnatia TV: The only answer to the Turkish expansionism is to exercise our sovereign rights - VIDEO

27/03/2017 19:15

The current developments in the economy and the pending completion of the evaluation were the main topics discussed by the General Secretary of Golden Dawn in a telephone intervention on the live news bulletin of “Egnatia TV”.


Commenting on the submissive attitude of the government that essentially begs for the return of the institutions in Athens, the Leader of Golden Dawn said that the new exhausting measures and cuts in salaries and pensions are a tried and failed policy that has led the country to the brink of bankruptcy, and that growth cannot come through the predatory taxation of households, whose ability to pay has fallen dramatically.


In the question about whether Golden Dawn would cooperate in an effort to achieve a common negotiating line, he replied that this has already happened between the government and the opposition, since they jointly signed the memorandum of Tsipras, and he clarified that the Movement of the Greek Nationalists will never agree with the extermination of the primary production sector and the immunity enjoyed by the political establishment due to the implementation of the law on ministerial responsibility; a law that only Golden Dawn insists on its suspension so that politicians can turn towards honesty.


Finally, commenting on the developments on the national issues, he noted that the Turkish provocations have surpassed all limits by demanding Greek islands and creating more gray zones in the Aegean. This can be overcome only by the exercise of our sovereignty and the expansion of our territorial waters to 12 nautical miles, as required by the maritime law.


Concluding his intervention, he invited all the viewers to the forthcoming event that is to be held in CAPSIS hotel on March 25, in which he is the central speaker.