N. G. Michaloliakos on Star TV of Northern Greece: Greeks come first! - VIDEO

27/03/2017 20:07

The General Secretary of the Popular Association - Golden Dawn was invited on the TV show “Interventions” at Star Channel in Northern Greece.


Nicholas G. Michaloliakos initially commented on the latest bomb-parcels, noting that there is no political will to fight terrorism, because it comes from the womb of the left.


Concerning the elections in the Netherlands, he said that the government had to take tough measures against Turkey in fear of the rise of Wilders, who is essentially a neoliberal.


For the ethnocidal Memoranda, he stressed that Golden Dawn agrees with the opinion of the Greek People who oppose their application and wish to discharge from them.


He repeated that the memoranda cede national sovereignty and that’s why they should be immediately terminated.


Concerning the major issue of illegal immigration, he stressed that the position of the Popular Association remains steadfast and that the only solution is to close the borders and send back the illegal immigrants to their home countries. As he said: “Greeks come first!”


He pointed out that there won’t be any elections soon, especially since the government signs all the painful measures and the alleged opposition of New Democracy says it will implement them!


Finally, he invited all the Greek citizens to massively participate in the great political event in Thessaloniki against the “New Ottoman Empire”.






From: xryshaygh.com